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So back she came, this time in the ITV1 search for a Pop Idol. This is Hayley's chance she is looking for. She'd rather be a soloist than in a group, with her voice being so strong it would not blend well in a group.
This time the judges are Simon Cowell (the Nasty Nigel wannabe), Nicki Chapman again, Dr Fox and Pete Waterman. Nicki is already a fan of Hayley, loving her voice and personality. Not a bad start!!


Hayley auditioned in Birmingham, singing 'One for Sorrow' by the band formerly known as Steps. The judges liked her performance, with Pete adding that he liked her Buffallos :). He said 'you're the first person today who fits what we're trying to find here. You have a great voice, powerful voice, not sure if you have the charisma though, but we'll see in time". Nicki said "I love your voice, you did great." Simon said "You're going through to the next round".

In the next round, in London, Hayley sang Anastacia and the judges liked her and put her into the final 50.
Hayley was in the second of the 5 finals, along with Laura Doherty, David Wilson, Katie Neiman, Nicola Thomas, Joanne Birchill, Nikk Mager, Jonathon Campbell, Chris Gazzard and Kerry Pitt. She sang a beautiful version of Whitney Houston's 'I have nothing', wearing a catsuit customised by her mum Karen with a slit to her belly button. The judges loved the performance, as did the public, with Hayley winning the heat with a massive 33.2% of the vote. The panel of critics Simon Cowell, head of Artists and Repertoire at RCA Records, publicist Nicki Chapman and music producer Pete Waterman all picked out Hayley as having star-potential.
Pete said: 'During this show I have watched you turn from a cygnet into a swan. You walked out there and I gasped!'
Nicki said: I agree, I think we have a star in front of us and if the public don't find you this week they'll find you some other way, because you do have such ability and you look really at home up there, so well done!
Simon: Erm Hayley, you probably heard what I said before, she was a good looking girl, sang well and I criticised her, but I'm not going to criticise you because you're exactly what we've been looking for in this competition, somebody who has a natural talent and I totally agree with what Pete says you have just got better and better and I think you definatley deserve to go through this week and
I think you're gonna do great, congratulations well done!
Then, as she walked off, Pete went "Unbelievable, she was unbelievable" and Simon Cowell said "fantastic" twice!!

So.....she's in the final 10 along with Gareth Gates, William Young, Rosie Ribbons, Laura Doherty, Jessica Garlick, Korben, Aaron Bayley, Darius Danesh/Rik Waller and Zoe Birkett.
As before, it's up to the public who gets through and who doesnt.



Week 1 of Final - 'Your Pop Idol'

Hayley sang Anastacia's 'I was made for Loving You' and 'sparkled like her jeans did' according to Foxy. He added that she was putting current pop stars to shame. Nicki said she's delighted Hayley never gave up and that she deserved to be there. Pete Waterman said 'I did say you turned into a swan and that swan gave a great performance tonight'. Evil Simon added 'Good, wasn't blown away'.

Week 2 - 'Christmas Songs'

Hayley sang 'Rocking around the Christmas Tree' and got the audience (including us!! yayayay) on their feet. Hayley was first, and this is what the judges had to say:
Foxy: 'what a stonking way to start the show! as the weeks go by you are beginning to twinkle like a little star.'
Nicki: 'very sexy - you look great. you have been consistent every week since we started this search well done'
Pete: 'yet again, great start to the show, Brenda Lee, great song, u did fantastic'

Week 3 - Burt Bacharach Songs

Hayley sang 'Do you Know the Way to San Jose?' and looked amazing, going for the Britney Spears look in her 'Stronger' video. Foxy said 'you have a great voice and you sang it brilliantly and you've got a naughty raunchy twinkle in your eye and that's not such a bad thing'. Nicki wondered whether Hayley was an entertainer or a Pop Idol. Pete commented on the clothes and said 'well done kid, you're definitely my swan!'
Other than that, not many comments on the singing - probably because there were no faults to comment on.

Week 4 - Movie Songs

Hayley performed 'Show me Heaven' from Days of Thunder and was absolutely amazing! Every time I watch it now it makes me cry!
Pete was the first judge to comment. He said that for her to be able to sing that song was 'amazing' and that 'anyone who criticises the show saying people don't have talent should listen to you sing that song - very few people could'.
Nicki said 'great Hayley, really good'.
And.....wait for it....Simon said 'Hayley, two weeks ago you bored me silly - I didn't think you should be in the competition. Tonight you were SENSATIONAL!'

Week 5 - ABBA Songs

Hayley started the show singing a fab version of ABBA's 'Take a Chance On Me'. She had the crowd on their feet - dancing, clapping and screaming and doing whatever else they wished. The judges were harsh tonight, and Hayley got the short straw going first as her comments were quite general again and not too encouraging. But, not a problem - the people at home LOVED it! Here are the comments:
Pete: I feel sorry for all of you tonight and I just wish you the very best because I can't make any comments.
Foxy: I would just like to say I thought that was a great opening to the show. You always come out and you raise your game the crowd loved you in the studio here (big cheer!) they are difficult to sing, but I think you did a great performance there.
Simon: umm....Hayley not great news from me tonight. Good performance, Pop Idol tonight, no. I thought it was very karaoke this evening. Last week she was sensational, owned the song, this week....
Hayley then interrupted (YAY GO HAYLEY!!): But it's ABBA, isn't ABBA fantastic for karaoke?!?!?!

Later, on Pop Idol Extra, Hayley was discussing these comments with TV star Kate Thornton.
Kate: Hayley, I hear you left the studio with tears
Hayley: Yes
Kate: What hurt you most about what they said this evening?
Hayley: I just think, I mean, Foxy was lovely because, and I'm not just saying this because he was nice to me it was the fact that he acually made a comment. It wasn't very nice when Pete just said 'I haven't got anything to say' because I feel that if they're there, that's what they're there to do.'
Kate: Absolutely. What Pete had done was gave a general comment to the show and all of you but it felt like it was targeted at you.

Awwwww Hayley please don't cry! You were FAB - don't worry we had a go at Simon Cowell afterwards - I think he was actually scared of us - we were chanting 'Simon Cowell needs a punch!' YAY GO US! lol :)