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Hayley Evetts, youre a star
And we all know that youll go far
Your heavenly voice we love to hear
Like the sound of an angel it brings a tear
Everywhere you go, everything you do
Youll find support from us to you

Each day and night were believing in you so
Value your voice and never let it go
Existing is something we thought an angel couldnt do
Til the day you came along, then we knew it was true
The sound of your singing makes all our jaws drop
So whatever happens we'll help you to get to the top

Record companies will race to fulfil your dream
Up-and-up you'll improve and succeed
Light shines from the star where you are
Each and every day
So follow your dream Hayley, and we'll be with you every step of the way

The track on the pop idol cd "that ole devil called love"  
                                             absolutely brilliant. For my money you should have been 
                                             the winner. I just love the good old songs sung well
                                             best wishes for the future & keep singing

john canning (62 yrs)

hey hayley!
well, im not very good at these sort of things - but i just wanted to tell u how much i admire u. in short - ure a wonderful, beautiful, caring, and real person..and if not a pop idol - a definate idol for many people out there.
dont give up, just use this as a step up into ure dream.
Nudge Staden x

Hayley - I wholeheartedly believed you should've won, when I saw you sing "Show me heaven" I was blown away, it made me respect you even more! There is no way you can go back from this! The only way is FORWARD! All my best girl! Claire x

Hayley, Just gotta say that if you don't get a record deal, there is NO justice in the world whatsoever. You were my fave from day one along with Will and I hope you make it big and show all the doubters. Me and my mom absolutely adore you! First off, you have a simply brill voice - your performances of 'Show Me Heaven' and 'That Ole Devil' made the show for me. Secondly, you're just a wicked gal and come off as really down to earth. Oh, and did I mention you are a stunner? I think I did but it's worth mentioning again - everyone at skool knows I have a soft spot for ya!  I've been looking for a site dedicated to you since the competition ended and now I've finally found like 5 and am a member of everyone. Hope to see big things from you in the future! Stay gorgeous, and don't give up! You have much in the way of support! Cheers, Luke M

hi Hayley! just wanna say that you are my fave pop idol! you've got such an amazing voice that makes me shiver when you sing. it's a natural talent that shouldnt go to waste and i know youll fulfill your dreams coz i have every faith in you. i knew you were a star ever since i saw your first popstars audition - you stood out from every1 else. hope i get the chance to meet you in the future. loadsa luv n hugs Natalie xx one of ur most loyal fans!!

P.S. thought you were FAB on tour on the 16th March matinee at Wembley! i couldnt believe it was actually you! i was in complete awe! lol!

To my fave Brummie girl!

I knew from the very beginning that you had what it takes to become a pop star. I have adored you and your singing right from day one and I also believe that you have been the most consistent performer of the whole competition. For you not to make the final 3 is an absolute crime but Pop Idol has not turned out to be a contest based on pure talent, as we all know. I think what happened has happened for the best for you and I know you are going to be a huge success and not a 5-minute wonder.
You forgot to mention on the front of The Sun that your only love is for DJ Dave as well as Will but I will forgive you this once! Wishing you all the luck in the world,

DJ Dave xxxxxxxx

Hiya hayley,
I just have to say that i was a big fan of you when you were in popidol. You
were sooooo fab and i thought you were gonna go to the final but i
know you will get a deal and fulfill your dream, you are amazing and a brilliant
person, youve got the voice and looks to die for and you will deffo make it!
I'm going to support you 100% for eva and i wish you all the success in
the world as you deserve it soooo much. Good luck loads of love Gemma

Hayley dont give up, I will always have faith in ya. KEEP GOIN! Luv Emily Jenkins (one of ya fans!)

Hiya Hayley! You have achieved so much, you cannot possibly give up now! We'll all be rooting for you! Good luck, from your Welshie fan, Oli x

Hiya Hayley!I saw you on tour, you were the BEST obviously, my bedroom is full of you and Gareth, you were the BEST through Popstars and Pop Idol by far. Keep going and dont give up PLEASE !!!! Luv Ya, your Biggest Fan Stephanie Stewart. xxxxxxxxxxx
Hayley you are my pop idol and allways will be. you are the BEST !!!!!
You will be bigger than any popstar out there cause you are just the BEST!!!!!
Stephanie Stewart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya Hayley! I just wanted to email the site to let you know how talented I think you are. You are definately my pop idol, and I was gutted when you were voted from the show, because I believe you gave the best performance that night. You have inspired me to try my hardest to make it in the music business because I have seen how hard you have tried and the fact you have not given up has been a true inspiration. You can see in your eyes just how much you love to perform and everytime I hear you sing I can't help but smile and sing along. You're style is fantastic, and you are a beautiful person. I have used your style as a basis for my own image and recently my friends and family have said how much my style has improved and how much more confident I am as a result of feeling good about the way I look. Thank you Hayley for inspiring me to raise my self confidence and follow my dreams. You are an amazing person, and I  know you'll go far. Best of luck in everything you do.
Lots of Love,
Your Number One fan,
Lauren McKane x x x

hi ya hayley!
                  Just thought i'd say how great you were presenting Popstars the rivals extra. You are a true natural at presenting - but i wish you would release a single because you have a got a truly amazing voice. Also i would like to say that you and keith make the most lovely couple. (and he's a real hottie!) anyway i hope to hear your single in the charts soon.       
                            lots of luv sarah

hey, hayley i think you were the best out of the top 10 pop idols, your performance of 'show me heaven' was amazing. i really hope you get a record deal and release a debut single very very soon. i really respect you and you are definetely my pop idol! luv ya loads, cheryl xx

I think Hayley is brilliant.
I think she's so great. She should get a record deal because she's fab and if she doesn't get a record deal then I think she'll do just as fab when doing presenting.
Love your site by the way
Hayley is a true star!
From Hayley Chadwick

Hayley, you were my favourite on popstars and then again on pop idol. your
voice is like an angel and when you smile the world smiles with you.
I am a big fan of yours and was gutted when you left pop idol. Your duet
with will 'sexy' Young was also great.
Dont give up ever
Luv Danixxxxxxxxxx
Your top london fan!

Please please please do a cover of your version of Maria Mckees 'Show Me Heaven' as this was a brilliant song and you sung it as good as, if not better than the original

Hayley, how you never won pop idol I will never ever know. Your voice is fantastic, so please don't waste your time presenting tv shows, record some songs Hayley because you are brilliant. When you went out of pop idol I was so depressed it took me 3 months to get over it. I'm a massive fan.
Dave Wilson

Hiya Hayley. Just wanted 2 say how brilliant u were on Pop Idol and how much of an inspiration you are!!! There is no question of u not gettin a record deal!! They would have to be stupid not to sign you up!! Never ever give up u have to much talent to do that!! Whatever happens keep goin!! You have everything, looks, loads and loads of talent and most importantly a great personality!! Thank you for helping to make Pop Idol so special!! Loads and loads of love, Best of luck Louise, Chester xXxXxXxXx 
Hiya Hayley!!
I just wanted to say how absolutely brilliant u r!!!!! U r such a star and a brilliant role model for people!!! Ur sooo talented and pretty and most importantly nice!!!!! U ave such a great personality and u just seem like a really really great person 2 know!!! Whatever you do don't stop singing u ave the best voice I have ever heard and listening to you always puts a smile on my face!! U really are something special hun and don't you 4get it!!!! Always keep going and you'll have people behind you every step of the way!!!!! Ur in a league of your own!!!!!
Loadsa love Louise Chester x x x x x x x

Hello Hayley!
Stacey here.I wanna say a big congratulations on everything you've achieved so far.Like getting so far in 'Popstars' and 'Pop Idol' and for entertaining me and my family so much every Saturday night!You are amazing!You appealed to everyone in different ways and is definately a star!You're so talented,pretty and from what I hear and read about you a lovely lovely person and who has touched us all.I really hope you succeed in whatever you decide to do in the future,whether its in showbiz or not - good luck!'Cause you deserve it babe!
No matter what anyone says you are a star!!!!
xxxx Stacey

Hi Hayley,
I caught a part of your final pop idol programme. I'm not a great pop fan
and didn't find much of the programme to my taste, but I was blown away by
your musicality and voice. I hope you make a good use of your gifts.
All the best, Martin

Just a quick message to Hayley, Good luck, and don't give up!
Wish you all the best for the future!

Hi Hayles.
Just a quick note to say you and Will were my fav's - and that duet you sang together on Saturday nights pop-idol reunion was superb. No wonder you got on well - the sound was perfect !
Time you got a contract and blow us all away.
Best of luck for the future.
Steve (MK)
PS Shame you're not a Villa fan though !


Hi Hayley,
I think it was a shame when you had to leave because
you gave a fantastic performance on the night.  I wanted you to win Pop Idol because I thought you had a fantastic voice and each performance you did you got better and better.  You have got a fantastic personality and you are a really nice person.  I am also a nice person and I would love to be friends with you.  Have you had a record deal yet.  I will buy your singles and that is a promise.
From Terry Anglesey, North Wales

Im not sure you got my previous message but I hope Hayley gets this one. She is the best looking girl Ive ever seen I never liked people lik Britney and Kylie But Ive always liked her Ive got a video called a star is born And i Love watching Hayley She is definately the sexiest girl in britain
Tom White

hi hayley my name is vicky williams and as you are a brummie im also one,im the biggest fan of yours EVER and i swear on my life its true i love ya, your wicked!!!!!

hayley i think you're great i have got all your pop idol songs and all your tour pictures too im a brummie like you and i went to your firework display im your number one fan
lots of love faye


Congratulations on everything you have acheived, Hayley!You are truly a star and I wish you all the luck with your future career. I'm a singer myself and I think your voice is amazing. You have a lot of people who admire you and appreciate your music. There is no arrogance about you and you are absolutely stunning! most girls would kill for looks like yours! Don't ever change yourself. Just keep on singing and presenting, It's where your natural talent lies
All the best
Kate H

we voted for you every week, you were the best. Dont give up trying.Your song with Dane Bowers was amazing. We think you are ace. Love Charlotte ,Carol and Debbie.

Hayley---I heard your duet with Will Young on 
                                             Pop Idol for the first time today.  I accidentally 
                                             downloaded it instead of the Will-Kelly ANMHI
                                             duet---your voice is like magic.  Good luck to 
                                             you in your future endeavours----you have a 
                                             fantastic, wide ranging voice! Simon Cowell did 
                                             not know what the hell he was saying when 
                                             he said the US talent was better...and
                                             this duet proved it to me.   
                                             Take care

John L., Minneapolis, MN, US

Hiya Hayley!
First I just gotta ask if you liked our 'Bobbys Girl' dance that we showed
you on Saturday! Hahahah! We'd been rehearsing for agges! You need to see the
whole thing though!
Anyway I just wanted to congratulate you on all of your performances on Pop
Idol - you were brill! You're gonna get a contract and be HUUAGE! You're fab
so keep smiling and never give up!
Loadsa Love
Becky Spurling xxxxx
ps Deuce?!? WHYYYY!!!!

Poem by Carly Chadwick 

Hayley Evetts the brummie lass
the sexiest of the lot
she made Simon Cowell's trousers rise
as he thought this girl was hot.

"That Old Devil Called Love" was to be
the last song of her quest
to be the nations Pop Idol
and ultimately be the best.

But down to five, with things so tight
it was very hard to choose
it all came down to popularity
and it was Hayley's turn to lose.

Who would Will now drink coffee with
and have a friendly chat
have no fear they're buddies now
so there's plenty of time for that.

Now i'm sure that very shortly
Hayley will storm the charts
and on her way to many hits
break a few mens hearts.

Hayley, Wow! What can I say. You are just so talented...and from what Annie and the others say you are such a luvly person! I know that you will get somwhere with that voice, its amazing. Never give up on your dream...just keep going and you will always be my Pop Idol, no matter what. YOU SHOW EM HAYLEY!

lots of luv, Fliss x

hi hayley! Just to say that i think ur wkd and that i hope u go really far (with a voice like that its garunteed). show me heaven was the best perfomance in the whole of pop idol and i think u should have won by a mile! i saw u in newcastle and thught u wer great again. ur gunna b stormin the charts really soon- i'll be buyin ur single! Hope u get 2 read this luv Laura xxxx

P.S Wicked website

Hayley - Don't stop what you're doing coz I think you're fabby! I luved your performance of Show Me Heaven on Pop Idol - definately the best performance of the series! You are an amazing singer and a brilliant presenter. When I met you at the Gareth, Will and Zoe concert, you were really nice, thanks for signing my ticket! Hope you enjoyed the concert! Luv Nicole xx

Hi Hayley,
Well it's been a sad couple of days for us but now I'm starting to realise that it's great that you didn't win - you're far too talented and intelligent to be a pop puppet! I truly believe that out of the final 10, you will have the longest and most successful career. You were the most talented by miles and have a wicked personality to help you climb that ladder.
All the best Hayley and here's to a long, happy and
successful career. Watch out Planet Earth, here she

Paul xxxxxx

Hello Hayley.
I am one of Aaron Bayley's close pals and I just want to say what a great tour you just put on. It was 'spot on'. I wish you loads of success in the future. By the way, who do you find funniest - Danny Tetley or Aaron?
Thanks, John M

Hi Hayley,
I just wanna say I think you are great and even though you are no longer in Pop Idol you will definitely become a star very soon and you will be really big and around for years to come!
Luv Lisa (One of your number one fans)

To hayley babez
I'd just like to say that you did us Brummies really really proud, all the weeks you where on pop idol you turned into a real true star.You made me cry when you sang, your voice is so amazing i really love to here it, it really touches me.
I really thought you should have won pop idol, but i'm glad you didn't in a way b'coz who ever wins is gonna be under so much stress to do well.I really wish you the best of luck for the future, i know your gonna make it, you will ALWAYS be my idol, your so beatiful and so talented, and most of all your a true brummie and its about time some1 from round here made it big! i love you loads and i wanna be just like you, b'coz you rock, never give up! luv from steph 16, b'ham xx x x x x x x x

Hi Hayley
I wud just like 2 say how gr8 u were on pop idol + that if u went 2 a record company + signed urself up then u wud make a brill pop star!!!  I think ur already 1 of those 2 b truthful!!!  Keep it up gal!!!
Loadza luv
Ellen Louise
GO HAYLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Hayley,
                 I've heard that your getting abuse from jealous Gareth Fans despite the fact that the rumours between you two have been cleared up. I'm a Gareth fan myself but its unfair and hurtful to have things shouted at you when you've not actually done anything. These "fans" should be more supportive of Gareth and yourself. I wanna say to all those giving Hayley lip "Get a life and a hobby".
    You've done fantastic so far. Keep up the good work girl!
All the best,
               Kate H, Yorkshire

hiya hayley,
                   I think i shud keep this short and sweet. You are ACE you're such an inspiration to me. I hope u go far and i deffinatly buy ur single. good luck all the best.Dont give up.
Love Alex x

Hayley, I wanted to say how beautiful I think your voice is, and although I havent had the pleasure of meeting you, you do sound like an angel. Take what talent you have (and thats alot of talent!) and use it to your advantage. With that voice and the support from all you fans you could easily get a number 1 single, so dont give up!
All the love & luck in the world,
Laura Thompson

Hi Hayley,
                                             I must start by saying what a fantastic site this is! 
                                             I am mainly a Will Young fan, but I think u are 
                                             fantastic too. I think u have a fantastic voice and 
                                             were unquestionably the best girl. I think u make 
                                             a gr8 presenter, but I think u make an even better
                                             performer. I came to c the final 10 perforn at the 
                                             Docklands arena and thought u sounded amazing. 
                                             I'm goin 2 c Will and Gareths tour, but would have 
                                             much prefered it if it was the Will and Hayley tour! 
                                             Keep smiling and I hope u get the record contract u 
                                             loadsa love, Laura xxxxxxxxx

hi hayley! i just wanna say how amazing u were on pop idol n how much i thought u shud have won. show me heaven was the best performance of the series (better than nadine on popstars). im so glad ur bk on our screens- keep going, ur wicked luv laura, 14 xxx

Helloooooo Hayley,
             Hope your doing ok? I LOVE YOU soooooooo much, and its a shame you didnt win but we all know you will do well because your so fab! LOVE YOU BABE byeeeeeeeeeeeeee Love LuLu xxxxx
And to the people in hadof .. UR ALL FAB too x

hi hayley. 2b fair all the way thru pop idol i supported will the most, but wen i herd u n his duet of 'aint no mountain' i thought u wer fantastic n really hope u hav a sucessful career. all the best, luv lauren attley, 14 xxx

Hiya Hayley.
i am ur biggest fan and u inspire me so much! I love ur voice keep doing
what ur doing cos I love it girl! GO HAYLEY EVETTS U ROOL!
Love Liz xxxxx

Hey Hayley my name is jemma. I think you definately should have won, but all my family and friends think you are a big winner. You're so cool you have the best voice and I am your biggest fan. So pleeeeaaaase hurry with a song to release

hey hayley!
thanx 4 taking care of me wen i had a huuuggggeee ashtma attack @ the westlife concert! i was 2 seats in front of u! u r a darling! will support u for ever!
loadsa love kirsty! xxxx
ps-give will a huuuugggggggeeeee kiss from me!

Hiya Hayley
Just like to say that even though u didn't win the title pop idol, u will always be my pop idol!!!! The tour was gr8 speshly coz u were there!!! I look forward to cuming to your sell out solo tour!!!!Thanx for being so gr8!!!!!
Loadza loadza love
Lucy Stafford!!!
(aka popidolmad on message boards)

Hayley, you a star! My daughter and I both thought you outshined Old Whitney Housten when you sang ' I have nothing' You have a natural singing voice. 'Show me Heaven you resorted us to tears, and that is a compliment. I am very musical myself and not many singers bring goose bumps to my arms:-) We have searched everywhere for your music, but to no avail. So we hope you cut those singles soon. Good luck with your future. Your Mum, Dad and family must be so proud. Lots of love Rose and Chloe. xxxx

Hi Hayley!
Just want to say that I'm a big fan of yours, I really do think you're truly fantastic and your performances of 'Show me Heaven' and 'Ol devil called love' were amazing. Good luck in everything you do - we've got faith in you chick!!!
Ste xxxxx

I'd like to say that I think Hayley is a natural star with an incredible voice - the first time I heard her sing on Pop Idol she absolutely held my attention - I  feel she should go far and I hope she gets an original song for her and records it, not just for the teeny bopper market (I am the mother of teenagers so I can assure you she does not just appeal to the younger market) - here's hoping she will go from strength to strength
Tricia Davies

Helloooo Hayley Evetts,
Its Hayley Evans here..just like 2 say quickly that i heard you sing for the first time the other day, with dane..i have one word to say..WOW!! U got it going on girl!! Luv ya, Hayley x

hayley and keith i hope you are both happy together.
from allison

hiya hayley !!! i wud just like 2 say u r sooooo wiked !!! and i dont know wetha this is true but ive heard u r best m8s wiv will !!! if so u r sooo lucky cuz he is a pop idol now ! wow ! i live about 5 mins away from you but i wanna c u soon cuz ive neva met u yet !!! luv u loads luv berny 13 years old ! xxx

Hi Hayley,
I thought you were really good presenting on Popstars The Rivals on ITV2 and I must say that you have a natural talent for being a t.v presenter, but WHEN ARE WE GONNA HEAR YOU SING AGAIN?  When you sang "Show me Heaven" by Maria McKee on Pop Idol, it sent tingles down my spine and im a 26 year old lager swigging, Rock and Roll fan.
Come on, get your act together girl.  Dont waste your talent.  Get a record out in the shops.
Love and Support
Graham Twyman X

The other comments on this page say everything - but your duet Ain't No Mountain duet with Will was just amazing and really show cased your voice - I hope it gets released or as a guest track on Will's CD.
I downloaded it from the net and every time I play it, your voice makes the hairs on my neck stand up - such soul, such power, such emotion, WHEN you get your first album out I will be buying it!
Lastly - just a big thanx for every song you did and for lifting us of our world for a while and letting us soar with you!
(Or should that be glide like a swan with you!)
Please don't give up, find some way of spreading the joy of your voice with us mere mortals!

hiya hayley!, Just like 2 say you rule girl! You're gr8 on popstars the rivals but i wanna see you sing and perform! I think you're a really nice person and i would love 2 meet you in the future! I am mainly a Gareth Gates Fan and ive been everywhere 2 c him and spent hundreds of pounds on him but i dont know why his fans have been negative towards you there just so dam jelous!  If you're going out good luck with the relationship! Hope 2 c ya soon luv ya lotz jelly tots Nikita from Windsor (15)  xxxx

I love that voice of yours and the lovely heart of yours and my parents and I were really sad when you got voted off  I was in tears and couldn't stop. - MNCDonald

Hayley I think your voice is absolutely amazing and I am dying for the day I can buy your album and come to your concerts.  I think you stole the show on the Pop Idol Tour!  Never ever give up cos your talent BLOWS ME AWAY (lol)
Lots of love Karen xxxx
ps. when you release your first album please include show me heaven and one moment in time! xx