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Hayley Evetts Rules!


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Pop Idol Quiz

Here is our new quiz - are you a massive Pop Idol fan or not? Please send your answers to - and NO CHEATING!!!!

Whos Mouth??????


Who Said What?????
Who sais:
1) ''I was a quiet, shy lad at school, and hard working.''
2) ''Thank you so much!''
3) ''Hiya Girls!!'' (in front of the whole of Wembley!
4) ''I'm in Pete Waterman's studio''
5) ''Spot On!''
6) ''We're performing for royaltyyyy'' (well, kinda sung it
7) ''The camera loves you''
8) ''you are sooooooooo sexy!''
9) ''I'm feeling a bit flatulant''
10) ''Funky chicken!''
11) ''I pledge not to become a celebrity bighead and vow to keep my feet firmly on the ground''
12) ''How Ruuude!!''

Whos Eyebrows?????


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